About me



 a 22 years old geek boi 

 “Artist , Designer , Crafter” 

i’m not graduate yet. i temporary drop out from uni to open my own little business. i own this prop shop alone. for now it’s over 3 years that i’ve been into a serious crafting career like this.

i love movies , games , comics-books and music. sci-fi and fantasy especially. i’m a self learner person since i was a kid because my home was an office, makes me get used to and interested in IT computer and craft-fixing stuffs. so mostly what i’ve been obsess from then till now is learn arts designs techs and crafting skills and wanted to be the famous artist.

but my family never agree to it. they wanted me to help and take care of their company. they never even admires my skills so i got no supports on this side. but my passions couldn’t stop there. i starts from zero sells my stuffs to buy tools to craft things and sells my work then saves more money to buy better tools and whatever it needs. spent day by day to improve my skills. that was almost 7 years ago from start saving until now my dreams quite come true but then i dream bigger!!

working at home is so amazing!

thanks to everyone who were supporting me. making me be me. truly.

i want to give all the credits to these people

  • my family as finally they understand and starts to support me
  • my lovely every single clients
  • my teachers from Vajiravudh College
  • my beloved brother-alike Yeah Thanawat Jhikar master of Lightsaber Thailand
  • my best friends T , Louis and Nut to Always supports every of my actions
  • my girlfriend TInew for being understand me and be by side
  • and all that bully and hate speeches. it turns into a pressure that pushes me up

may the force be with you. always.

“Do or do not, there is no try. failed if you,remember…

the greatest teacher failure is.”


Meet my workshop’s mascot


this guy has been guarding my workshop for months so i named him “Somboi”

he’s cute and work hard. i’m giving him employee of the month!